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Kingi Technology has an excellent R&D team. The three core founders of the company are all related to materials science from Central South University. There are currently 6 doctors and 15 graduate students. The company has applied for 15 patents ,including 4 validly authorized patents, 3 invention patents and 1 utility model patent. And carried out extensive industry-university-research cooperation with Central South University, Hunan University, Hunan University of Technology, Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Co.,Ltd.etc. The company pays attention to the cultivation and improvement of independent research and development capabilities. The R&D center is equipped with electrochemical workstation, Thermo ICP PROX, XRD, Malvern 3000 particle size analyzer, Bettersize 2600 particle size analyzer, carbon and sulfur analyzer, specific surface area analyzer, digestion instrument, Closed-loop spray dryers, ultra-fine sand mills, high-temperature rotary kilns and other advanced analysis and testing equipment.It provides a good platform for the rapid development and application of new products. The company's continuously improved R&D platform and continuous R&D investment ensure that the R&D center is at the advanced level in the industry of lithium-ion battery anode materials.


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